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Destined for Greatness

Helping Our Youth Reach New Heights

Mobilizing African American Families programs and workshops encourage entrepreneurship for future leaders. We are committed to providing and maintaining a forum for youth to:

    • Enhance Their Leadership Skills
    • Improve Their Public Speaking Skills
    • Encourage Entrepreneurship Development
    • Promote Emotional Intelligence
    • Produce Character Building
    • Advocate Family Unity
    • Foster Teamwork
    • Engage in Community Service
    • Promote Cultural Awareness

Youth Programs




MAAF Doctrine

We recognize the immense challenges our teens endure and are dedicated to navigating youth through the 21st Century. We acknowledge:

  • Families as the First Teachers
  • Families Develop Spiritual Beliefs, Values, Morals, and Character
  • Families Maintain Significant Influence on Self-Esteem and Success
  • Families Promote/Encourage Coping Skills

The Perfect Opportunity for Growth

Recognizing a higher power than self. We are responsible for seeking that spirit and belief system for support and navigation  through challenges and conflicts.

Your exposure to MAAF is not by accident, and our paths have crossed because of a purpose. Each encounter is an exposure to knowledge with the potential for greatness.

Let's Talk

If you have questions about our youth programs, workshops, and training, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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