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Destined for Greatness

Who We Are

Mobilizing African American Families is a nonprofit organization offering unique programs and training for youth in the community. We are committed to providing a forum to:

  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Develop public speaking
  • Encourage cultural awareness                    
  • Increase effective communication skills
  • Promote healthy and positive relationships

Our annual conference is an opportunity for youth to soar as they actualize their potential and dreams. The assessments and conference evaluations continue to provide significant data to validate the necessity for this event. We have extended our community outreach to families through our holiday donation of food boxes and to shelters during the year. M.A.A.F. has also provided forums for parents and community leaders to discuss vital issues affecting our youth in the 21st century and strategies for resolution.

Kim Travis-Ewing. Owner



“I am the proud mother of three children that have been involved in the Mobilizing African American Families (MAAF) Annual Teen Conference for many years. We can’t stay away! I got involved when I heard the purpose and mission of the teen conference. How could I not get involved and have my teens to participate! It is a conference for teens to have total autonomy (independence) & it was FREE! The conference creates Leaders & Movers/Shakers. If your child lacks leadership, this is the conference for them! If your child is a leader, this is the conference for them! My children were active participants and encouraged their friends and teammates (Football, Cheer, and Dance) to participate in the conferences. When we find out about good things we share with others. My children got so much out of the teen conferences that they were still involved after they had aged out (13-17 years old). They wanted to continue their involvement while in college, therefore, they joined the Youth Leadership Team and participated with Youth Presentations during the conferences. The Youth Leadership Team consults with the MAAF Executive Board to make the teen conferences better by keeping fresh and innovative ideas going. Youth Presentations are impactful because updated information and ideologies are shared with teens. It has been a blessing to watch my children go from reserve (quiet/shy) teenagers to outgoing, motivated, and confident young adults. I owe this to MAAF Teen Conference and Ms. Kim Travis-Ewing, MAAF CEO. The MAAF Annual Teen Conference is the real deal!” 

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